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Trofi Security //Virtual C/ISO

From small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to Fortune 500 enterprises, the need to address risks to information assets has long been understood; however, the manner and focus of that effort by organizations has steadily changed over time. Driven by a combination of factors from awareness, to growth in e-commerce channels, to increasing exposure to both internal and external threats, organizations have had to find better solutions for their information security strategies.

The Virtual C/ISO model is the culmination of decades of evolutionary change to the Information Security role.

Split Role | In the beginning (and still true for many smaller organizations) a CIO or CTO often played a dual role in order to fill in for the lack of a dedicated resource. Whether by lack of awareness or limited financial resources, this model failed to provide the focus necessary to properly address information security risk.

Dedicated Role | As awareness and budgets grew, organizations hired dedicated resources to provide the necessary focus on information security risk. While this worked for very small or low-complexity organizations, the increased focus brought awareness to executives that individual resources often lacked the breadth of expertise necessary to properly address risk in larger or more complex organizations.

Divisional ISO(s) | To address the breadth and complexity of information security risks, organizations began hiring divisional security officers, with specific expertise, to focus on a more narrow aspect of an organization. The idea was to network these individuals together to provide a more comprehensive information security strategy. To be effective, it came at a very high resource cost, and often meant organizations over-spent to get the expertise needed.

The Virtual C/ISO model solves for the shortcomings of prior models. A vC/ISO resource is, in fact, a team of experts, fractionally applied by a primary CISO resource, working as an integrated partner to your organization. Leveraging highly-experienced, industry-certified, security experts in this manner ensures an organization is getting the very best information security guidance, across all aspects of their business, in the most cost effective manner possible.

vCISO Services from Trofi Security make this model a reality for SMB organizations. Each of our senior-level consultants have over 25 years of experience across a number of industries including financial services, medical services, state and federal government, wholesale/retail, and more.

In today’s digital world, your organization needs a comprehensive information security strategy. By leveraging the vCISO service model, you can be certain that strategy will be the most sound and cost effective way of protecting your business. Call Trofi Security today and let’s talk about whether our vCISO Services are right for your organization.

With its years of experience and expertise, Trofi Security can support all aspects of Information Security strategy, management, and remediation support for your enterprise. Whether you simply need a little advice, or a complete Information Security Program, Trofi Security can help. Contact us today, and see how we can help you.