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Trofi Security //Special Projects

From security audits to digital office solutions, we help keep your business running smoothly. Your business is unique and so are your IT needs. That's why Trofi Security is committed to providing highly customized solutions and services that will better position you to achieve your business objects and stay highly competitive in today's global economy.

Environment Audit

If you're responding reactively to each crisis as it arises, we can help you get your arms around your current environment and start managing your network proactively. Our comprehensive audits examine everything from networks to desktops, including hardware, operating systems, security, messaging and Internet connectivity. We can help you understand where you're at today so you know where to go tomorrow.

Security Audit

Protecting your company's-and your clients'-data has never been more critical. Fixing a security problem after it's been exploited is much more costly than proactively closing the gaps in advance. From firewalls to servers to applications to individual passwords, our security audits identify your vulnerabilities and lay out a road map for eliminating them.

Application and Licensing Audits

As your company grows, so does your IT infrastructure. Keeping all the licenses up to date is difficult, but failing to do so is risky. Our application and licensing audits include a comprehensive review or your entire organization. We assess your current compliance and your existing controls—and we put the necessary controls in place to monitor transactions quickly and easily in the future.

Paperless/digital office solutions

Transform your paper-based office into a streamlined digital office. With our solutions, you'll be able to electronically file original documents in a secure place, reduce the time spent searching for documents, reduce or eliminate expenses due to overnight couriers and costly off-site storage, and ultimately reduce your operating costs.

Remote office and User Connectivity Solutions

Supporting and maintaining data and applications for remote offices can be a significant challenge. We can develop a remote connectivity solution so you can securely deliver data and applications to remote offices, while maintaining them from a central location.

Hardware and Software Assessment and Selection

By partnering with leading manufacturers, we stay on top of new and evolving technology and can readily address a diverse range of IT needs. We can help you assess various vendors and their products and select the most appropriate tools for your environment. As a reseller, we'll leverage our buying power and pass the savings on to you, so you never have to worry about dealing with vendors again. And we have years of experience implementing products from a wide variety of vendors as well, from Microsoft to Citrix to Cisco. We are a reseller and service provider for many industry-leading technology companies, including:

With it's years of experience and expertise, Trofi Security can support all aspects of Information Security strategy, management, and remediation support for your enterprise. Whether you simply need a little advice, or a complete Information Security Program, Trofi Security can help. Contact us today, and see how we can help you.